Altwork Ultimate Workstation for High Intensity Computer Users

Altwork Ultimate Workstation for High Intensity Computer Users

by Yoav
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Altwork, a creator of workstations for high-intensity computer users recently launched its pre-order campaign for the company’s inaugural product: the Altwork Station. Unlike standard desks and chairs that high-intensity computer users have been conforming to for decades, the Altwork Station makes your computer move with your body.

The Altwork Station is designed for high-intensity computer users such as software developers, CAD users, writers, and animators, among many other professions. These professionals constantly are challenged to remain productive as they bounce back and forth between sitting, standing, collaborating and focusing for extended periods of time on complex tasks. With the press of a single button, the Altwork Station uses patented technology to seamlessly transform from a standard task chair or standing desk into a reclined ‘focus’ position in seconds.

“We designed the Altwork Station as a tool for professionals who use a computer all day.” said Che Voigt, CEO and a founder of Altwork. “The Altwork Station allows the people who are developing and designing our future to seamlessly sit, stand, collaborate, and focus at the push of a button, so they can work smarter and more efficiently.”

Designed and built in Sonoma County, California, the Altwork Station is an integrated sit-stand-recline-focus system crafted from globally sourced, sustainable materials. With an 18 sq. ft. footprint and built-in casters, the workstation allows for easy open-office movement and impromptu collaboration.

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