Piloted Driving by Audi [CES 2013]

Piloted Driving by Audi [CES 2013]

by Yoav
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Parking often ends up being so tight that the driver must struggle to get out of the car afterward. Thanks to Audi’s piloted driving, the driver will be able to easily get out of the car in front of the garage or in a tight parking spot and instruct it to autonomously park itself via the remote key fob or smartphone. With the help of its sensors, the car drives autonomously into the parking space or the garage under the driver’s supervision, stopping immediately if it detects an obstacle. Upon reaching its final position, it shuts off the engine, deactivates the ignition and locks the doors. Finally, it sends a confirmation to the driver.

Getting out of your own garage or a parking space is just as convenient and easy at the push of a button. As soon as the vehicle has completed the maneuver to get out of the garage, the driver and passengers can easily get in and drive off.

In another configuration Audi cars are able to get in and out of spaces autonomously in parking garages and underground garages. The driver activates the futuristic technology with the aid of a smartphone app. The parking facility’s central computer takes over part of the control function and guides the vehicle via WLAN to the nearest available parking space. The vehicle’s movements are recorded via external laser sensors and processed with additional movement data by the parking facility’s computer to pinpoint the vehicle. The parking facility’s computer also has a map of the parking garage and records parking space occupancy. This information is used to plan the route, thus ensuring that the vehicle can actually drive from the starting point to its destination. The information is transmitted to the vehicle. The vehicle also monitors its surroundings using twelve ultrasound sensors as it moves. In future, four video cameras will also be used. Audi is currently in the process of equipping a parking garage in Ingolstadt with the relevant technology. The system saves drivers time and makes parking less stressful.

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