CHAPFIX Lip Balm Designed for Men

CHAPFIX Lip Balm Designed for Men

by Yoav
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CHAPFIX began with a simple idea. So many guys use lip balm, yet so few lip balms meet a guy’s needs. If you’re carrying a lip balm with you every day, why should it be something marketed and designed for women?

CHAPFIX started with a clean slate and a mission: to reinvent the classic lip balm stick and create a product that guys will appreciate.

● They developed a sleek, patented design that lays flat in your pocket so your lip balm doesn’t bulge.
● The flat design lets CHAPFIX stay on a desk or table without rolling.
● Grips on the sides of CHAPFIX allow use in any conditions, like on the ski slopes or while on a run.
● Plus, you’ll never have to stick your finger into a messy pot of lip balm ever again.

The innovation doesn’t stop with the unique packaging. CHAPFIX’s innovative formula was crafted to soothe and protect guys’ lips, with quality natural ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E. CHAPFIX contains SPF 15 to protect your lips from sunburn. When applied, CHAPFIX leaves no shiny residue and its delicious mint flavor keeps your mouth feeling and tasting fresh.

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