Leica Sofort Affordable Instant Camera

Leica Sofort Affordable Instant Camera

by Yoav
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Leica Camera proudly welcomes the newest member of its family: the Leica Sofort. The Sofort instant camera boasts a unique Leica design with special features, offering quick and easy access to photography that will have users seeing and sharing real photographs within seconds. With the Sofort, Leica brings its photographic expertise, commitment to creativity, and ease of use to the world of Instax instant photography. The Leica Sofort provides opportunities to create small tangible works of art and lasting memories.

The Leica design team has developed the Sofort to differ from other instant cameras in a number of essential aspects. Sofort users will be equipped with a camera that not only comes in stylish choices of orange, white and mint colors that reflect the light-hearted fun of instant photography, but also an easy-to-use creative tool that can handle more dynamic situations than a traditional instant camera. In automatic mode, the Sofort utilizes available light as much as possible before triggering the flash, creating pictures with a more authentic, natural look that are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced or reproduced.

In addition to preset modes for Automatic, Party & People, Sports & Action, Macro and the creative possibilities of multiple exposures and time exposures, the Sofort also has self-portrait and self-timer modes. The camera automatically adapts exposure time and aperture to the mode the user selects. The Sofort even offers options for manual control overrides: focusing distance can be changed independently of the presets, the flash can be turned off entirely and image brightness can be set higher or lower. And, to make it easier for those fond of self-portraits, the Sofort has a rectangular mirror on the front for easier framing.

The Sofort works with both color and black-and-white film. In a nod to the nostalgic character of instant photography, the border frames of instant film offered by Leica for the Sofort are a warm cream color. All Leica Sofort film packs come with 10 exposures. Color film is also available in double packs of 20 exposures.

Easy to use and fun to accessorize, Leica Sofort will see a comprehensive range of accessories for both the camera and its unique pictures. Carrying straps are available in mint, orange, and black & white to perfectly match the colors of the camera and keep it secure, while stylish Leica Sofort cases for protecting the camera come in black or brown. Sofort owners who'd like to display their work can purchase Sofort Postcards offered in sets of three with different designs integrating the instant picture, a Sofort Photo Presenter which can be filled with photos and put on display, or a classic Sofort Photo Album for storing even more of life's tangible instant memories. Sofort Storage Boxes round off the selection of accessories for conveniently storing your favorite pictures, available in sets of three with each set including mint/black, white/black and orange/black boxes.

The Leica Sofort will begin shipping to Leica Stores, Boutiques and Dealers in November.

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