11 Ravens Avettore Ping Pong Table

11 Ravens Avettore Ping Pong Table

by Yoav
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11 Ravens expands its collection of high-performing and stylish lifestyle products with the launch of its new creation, The Avettore. Inspired by the sleek lines and aerodynamic curves of supersonic jets, The Avettore is a ping pong table that can transform to a sophisticated dining table. A version with an additional billiards conversion is also available.

11 Ravens luxury game tables include table tennis, billiards, shuffleboard and poker. Each table is hand-made and created by skilled artisans in order to deliver a high-performing game experience with a sophisticated aesthetic that aligns with today's modern lifestyle.

The Avettore customizable table is available in numerous color/material combinations, providing a striking statement piece that effortlessly enhances any home, office or retail space. The Avettore can be purchased by clicking on the buy link below.

● Each table is hand-crafted from sustainably harvested wood. Reclaimed wood models are also available
● The table can be customized for color preference. The designer recommends supersonic white with gray top or
wood finish with accent colors of striking orange or vibrant lime green
● Ten limited edition black leather-and-lucite models are also available
● Teak and marine finishes available for outdoor use
● The playing surface uses the company's proprietary scratch-and-damage-resistant melanin resin surface that
enhances a player's performance

$26,000 - $48,000   BUY · SAVE
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