Plum Super-Automatic Wine Appliance

Plum Super-Automatic Wine Appliance

by Yoav
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Plum, a new company transforming how wine is enjoyed with the first ever super-automatic wine appliance, debuts its flagship product that enables a premium wine-by-the-glass experience, just as the winemaker intended. A sophisticated marriage of haute technology and elegant design, Plum automatically identifies the wine, individually chills each bottle, and preserves the wine so it can be enjoyed one glass at a time.

Plum’s molded, brushed stainless steel shell curves around the device, providing a sophisticated aesthetic that is at home in kitchens, living rooms and wet bars. Inside, Plum holds two standard 750ml bottles with any closure – natural cork, artificial cork, engineered cork, and even metal screw caps. Plum preserves each wine for up to 90 days without removing the cork, and serves each wine at the perfect temperature for that varietal, transforming wine lovers’ enjoyment from by-the-bottle to by-the-glass.

Plum is, perhaps, the most sophisticated household appliance ever made. Each wine bottle is automatically identified by an integrated computer and cameras, and the labels appear on a full-color, seven-inch touchscreen that allows users to enjoy a taste or a glass of either wine at a touch.

Plum is ideal for singles, households divided between red and white, foodies who appreciate food and wine pairings, hosts who frequently entertain, and for those who just want to enjoy a special bottle – one glass at a time.
“Wine has not kept up with our lifestyles. Most of us want to enjoy a glass of wine after work, pair a glass of wine with food, or be a great host and offer guests an option of red or white,” said David Koretz, Founder & CEO, Plum. “Too often I found myself not finishing a bottle and pouring oxidized wine down the drain, or not opening the bottle at all because I didn’t want to waste it. So I created Plum to enable wine lovers to enjoy the perfect glass of wine. Their wine collection, on their terms.”

World renowned winemaker Mark Aubert, Proprietor at Aubert Wines says, “Plum’s design and technology show it was developed by someone who knows and loves wine. Plum is going to appeal to those who care about every glass of wine they drink. The attention to detail is amazing and it’s damned good looking too.”

Cam Baker, Proprietor at Larkmead Vineyards says, “At Larkmead, we strive to ensure that every glass of wine our customers experience is perfect. Oxidation and temperature pose two threats to any wine. Plum solves both, ensuring each glass tastes exactly as we intended when making it. Plum is going to revolutionize how consumers enjoy wine at home.” And, Master Sommelier Desmond Echavarrie states, “The brilliance of Plum is how simple it is and how incredibly well it preserves wine, allowing you to have the perfect glass anytime. You never waste a drop and don’t feel pressured into finishing the bottle…ever. This is what serious wine lovers need!”

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