Parker 5th Technology Mode Pen

Parker 5th Technology Mode Pen

by Yoav
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An innovative new writing system is set to revolutionize the look and feel of putting pen to paper. Parker aims to gain a new generation's interest in fine writing by creating a one-of-a kind pen that is as beautiful to use as it is to look at. The innovation consists of a cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood that, together, constitute the newest technology in pens.

Through extensive research into consumers' needs and combining consumers' favorite features of each of the four current writing modes--the classic beauty of the fountain pen, the smoothness and precision of the rollerball, the ease and longevity of the ball point, and the smudge-free, fluid experience of the porous point--researchers have developed the 5th technology. Utilizing this revolutionary and cutting-edge technology, Parker has created an innovative arsenal of pens dubbed the Parker Ingenuity collection.

The new writing system from Parker is not only a technological breakthrough, it is a must-have example of contemporary accessories. The Parker Ingenuity collection is avant-garde in its technique, design, and inspiration, making it the ultimate accessory for today's stylish man or woman.

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