Sony LSPX-P1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony LSPX-P1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

by Yoav
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The Sony Life Space UX provides sensory impact using light, sound and vision applied in unexpected ways. Products created under the Life Space UX concept blend seamlessly into everyday environments and enrich daily life, delivering unique audio and visual experiences to transform your living space.

The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector LSPX-P1 creates a new viewing experience at home, despite its compact size, the 10cm white cubic projector is capable of throwing up to an 80” image onto a table, a wall or any other surface you want to bring to life. The body of the projector features a user-friendly, space-compatible design in warm, natural white colour, which is easy to pick up and carry around.

Equipped with internal speakers and battery, the projector can be easily positioned throughout the home turning any surface into a virtual screen. A smartphone becomes its wireless controller to view contents like photos, movies and clock applications. Or use the supplied wireless unit to watch content wirelessly from your TV set-top box or Blu-ray player.

The sleek Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1 fills every corner of your living space with warm illumination and crystal clear sound made possible through its organic glass. An LED housed within the cylinder combines ambient light with music. With an impeccable reproduction of vocal and acoustic sounds, the Glass Sound Speaker evokes the sensation of music played live in the room.

Sound resonates through organic glass, which chimes beautifully with the aesthetics of living spaces, while the colour temperatures of the filament LED accentuate the sparkling midrange tones with both warmth and clarity. Another key part of the design was the start-up and shutdown processes: the device lights up like a candle when it turns on, powering up with a warm, soft glow, and dims at a slow, gentle pace when the power goes off. Lightweight, batteryoperated, and easily portable, the Glass Sound Speaker connects with smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth

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