Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

by Yoav
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Privacy Pop, the innovative bed tent that lets you let it all hang out, no matter where you are. A Privacy Pop tent gives you the coverage and privacy that you want, so that you can enjoy a place of your own, even in a dorm room or room shared with others.

The Privacy Pop is a unique bed tent that is designed to give you maximum privacy even when you have to share a room with others. This advanced bed tent was created especially for college students living in dorms, kids and teenagers that share a room with their siblings, and people of all ages who share rooms to cut down on rent costs. College students and siblings who have shared their bedrooms for years are buzzing about this new product that carves out a closed off space just for you.

A Privacy Pop Tent is Perfect For
● Keeping bright sun out of your eyes so you can sleep
● Listening to your iPod or reading without bothering anyone else in the room
● The perfect place for studying without being bothered or bothering anyone else
● Ensuring you have privacy from prying eyes

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