Olive ONE, World’s First All-in-One Music Player

Olive ONE, World’s First All-in-One Music Player

by Yoav
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Olive Media has released the Olive ONE, the first all-in-one high definition (HD) music player – a visually stunning touchscreen device that helps people better store, organize, access and enjoy their music at home. Offering Olive ONE brings the high-end music server market to the music loving masses. Olive has also put the device, currently in development, up on Indiegogo and expects to ship the player in summer 2013.

“Olive ONE brings order and refinement to the music side of life,” said Dr. Oliver Bergmann, co-founder and CEO of Olive. “Those who care about quality, style and most of all music, will want to have this first-ever all-in-one HD music player.”

In a world of plenty – streaming services (such as Spotify, Pandora and YouTube), downloadable music files often living in iTunes, CD collections, and Internet radio stations – people struggle to keep track of, and ultimately enjoy, their music. Unlike other home music players, Olive ONE features a beautiful touchscreen, eliminating the need to fumble for the remote control, unlock screens or boot mobile phone apps to control it. Even so, iOS and Android smart phones can be used as a remote control as well.

With sound quality reigning supreme, Olive ONE unifies and brings joy to the home listening experience, like never before. The all-in-one HD music player sets itself apart by bringing the highest quality audio possible to digital music, introducing an artful circular design, and by topping the device design off with a brilliant glass touchscreen interface. The player instantly meets every mood with perfect music, not technological defeat or distortion.

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