Floating Cabanas for the Ultimate Lounge Experience by SeaDuction Floats

Floating Cabanas for the Ultimate Lounge Experience by SeaDuction Floats

by Yoav
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SeaDuction Floats were developed in response to calls from the beach resort community to upgrade and create a more luxurious sun bathing and beach lounge experience. The requests were for a luxury floating cabana that guests could use to bask in the sun while floating in a shallow lagoon, ocean, or pool. The cabana had to include room for two, shade options, ease of entry and egress, cooler and dry storage, be usable on sand or afloat, and go where traditional umbrellas and lounges cannot venture (on the lower beach). It had to be incredibly durable for commercial applications as well as aesthetically pleasing to attract customers. It also had to be easy to move, both into and out of the water, and to change with the sun during the day.

The final product has met these criteria and more. Complete with adjustable umbrella, canopy, built-in cooler, cup holders, multiple anchoring points for directional panoramic viewing, available floating cushions, and sea-ladder for deep water ease of boarding and debarking, the SeaDuction Float provides a truly unique, comfortable, and luxurious lounge experience.

SeaDuction Floats were designed by marine engineers to be unsinkable and extremely stable. They are made from polymers designed to resist heavy sun and sand exposure; and produced in white to contrast with colorful umbrella and lounge options. The result is an eye-catching, upscale beach or pool area lounge that people find irresistible. Not only resort users but anyone who wants a luxurious and distinctive lounger for the seaside, Lake Front, or the pool.

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