Solar Stik 100 Breeze and Power Pak System

Solar Stik 100 Breeze and Power Pak System

by Yoav
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The Solar Stik System is designed to provide hybrid (solar & wind) power for applications where both sun & wind are prevalent. Until the arrival of the Solar Stik Breeze, transporting both solar & wind power into theatres was a limited option.

This system can generate up to 1.5 kW-h of power** (average) per day. It easily generates enough power to power communications equipment, computers, tools, medical equipment, or use it as a heavy-duty “recharging station” for tactical field gear! The package is designed to provide power generation for light to medium-duty applications where a small portable fuel-driven generator would typically be used and MAXIMUM power management is required.

Additional Solar Stiks of any model can be daisy-chained for increased power generation and the Power Pak storage capacity can be increased using Expander Paks.

Solar Stiks are scalable, interchangeable, and can be tailored to a particular application using Solar Stik Accessory Kits. Accessory Kits allow the operator to configure multi-faceted systems with enhanced capabilities. PRO-Verters for example, allow the system to work in conjunction with traditional power supplies like fuel-driven generators or utility power when they are available.

The Solar Stik Breeze System is D.O.T. approved for land, sea, & air transport. The Breeze package includes three Rigid Pelican Transport Cases small enough to be checked as airline luggage yet strong enough to withstand punishing conditions. All Pelican cases have wheels and extending handles for easy transportation.

Engineered Quality:
The Solar Stik Breeze & Power Pak package incorporates features often found only on large-scale solar, wind & battery systems. It is precision crafted and engineered rugged to provide the operator with a long useful life with maximum performance and versatility.

User Friendly:
All connections are “Plug & Play”. The 30’ leashes allow for placement of the Solar Stik far away from the user. This provides the user with the ability to work or operate in a shady environment (such as in a shelter) while generating maximum power.

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