Cockpit Flight Simulator with Realistic Controls

Cockpit Flight Simulator with Realistic Controls

by Yoav
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Ever wonder what it's like to fly? Try this flight simulator installed into a cockpit that equips players with the same flight controls found in actual aircraft. Fore/aft and left/right movement of the yoke controls pitch and roll just like real airplanes; its toggles and buttons provide authentic control of navigation and radio options. Thrust levers and dual rudder pedals control realistic throttle and yaw.

The padded flight seat adjusts for optimal seat angle and distance to the rudder pedals while the sound system surrounds player in realistic audio using five speakers and a subwoofer beneath the seat. Microsoft's Flight Simulator X Gold, a pre-eminent flight simulation software for PCs, comes on the included Dell Studio XPS computer with Windows 7. The software includes 23 flyable aircraft ranging from the ubiquitous Piper Cub to the daunting Boeing 747-800, challenging players to complete over 70 simulated flight missions, all geographically and topographically correct.

The missions range from dropping bags of flour onto waterborne targets from an ultralight to taking off from an aircraft carrier aboard an F/A-18 Hornet. Realistic graphics are displayed by a 28" wide-screen LCD monitor that provides 1080i high-definition resolution. A second 20" LCD monitor sits below, providing instrument panels that simulate a faithful flight experience. Ages 14 and up. 57" L x 32" W x 53" H. (110 lbs.)

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