Wireless Pen Mouse by Genius

Wireless Pen Mouse by Genius

by Yoav
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Genius the Pen Mouse gives you a brand new experience on cursor control for better handling and more comfort than a regular mouse. Pen Mouse is powered by 1200 dpi tracking technology and is switchable between 400 and 800 dpi. You can tilt it up to 85 degrees to provide a non-compromising surface advantage. It's ideal for presentations and for any time you need finer, more natural-feeling mouse control.

Plus with 2.4GHz technology, Pen Mouse gives you an efficient performance with reliable working smoothness at all times. For power saving, a smart auto-detection is added to put Pen Mouse into sleep mode when no action has been detected. Just press any button to start using it again. And the Flying scroll feature is the easiest way to fast web and document scrolling. Another advanced feature includes a plug-and-forget Pico receiver to prevent breakage when using a laptop or desktop. A travel case is included for protection.

2.4GHz Wireless Technology
The Pen Mouse's power-saving anti-interference Pico Receiver offers a plug-and-forget experience. The USB wireless receiver is tiny and low-profile to stay out of the way in your working environment.

Adjustable Optical Sensor
The high-resolution 1200 dpi sensor engine gives precise, accurate tracking for ease of use. The performance-enhanced optical engine works on almost any surface. The sensor engine is adjustable to 400/800 dpi for lower speed cursor movement when needed, so you can customize the Pen Mouse to your mousing style. The tracking is accurate enough to work on multiple surfaces for mousing versatility and mobility--it will even work on the palm of your hand.

Flying Scroll Feature
The Flying scroll feature lets you push a button on the Pen Mouse to scroll up, down, left, and right in the air--no surface contact needed.

Power Saving Sleep Mode
The smart power saving function starts a sleep mode function when not-in-use. Press any key to wake up the Pen Mouse and get back to work.

● Innovative pen style design for cursor controlling
● 2.4GHz technology eliminates interference and saves power
● 1200 dpi optical sensor for smooth movement control
● Travel case for protection and storage
● Designed for either hand

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