Selk'bag Sleepwear System by Musuc

Selk'bag Sleepwear System by Musuc

by Yoav
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Described as revolutionary and innovative, the Musuc bag is a great product that is not only stylish and vibrant, but is extremely versatile and durable too. Movement and comfort is maximised in every way as the product has all the factors of a traditional sleeping bag - warmth and comfort - incorporated into a design that also allows you to walk around and enjoy freedom whilst still being all tucked up. It's genius.

It is also made of all the best materials meaning whilst it keeps you warm and comfortable during even the harshest of temperatures, it still allows you to breathe with its light textures. Another great aspect is that the product is unisex and comes in a range of sizes and weights to suit to suit differing body shapes. Made from the highest quality materials and featuring comfort temperature limits and extreme comfort temperature limits, it is the only product that will ensure you have a comfortable camping experience.

The design originally comes from the traditional clothing of the Selk tribe but has been converted and transformed into a modern-day product that is essential for any outdoors trip. It's good looking, quirky and individual, and more importantly, does what it is designed to do extremely well.

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