Founders Playing Cards

Founders Playing Cards

by Yoav
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Founders Playing Cards are an independently created and crafted American deck, honoring twelve of the most inspiring & influential founders of modern day United States, designed in a neoclassical style reminiscent of architectural, monumental & engraving work from the documents & currency of our nation’s history.

Row 1 - K - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Row 2 - Q - Pocahontas, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Rosie the Riveter.
Row 3 - J - John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Theodore Roosevelt

Before the founding of America, the classical world used each suit to represent a different social class. The Founders deck is structured on a model using these classical archetypes of Nobility (Spades), Clergy (Hearts), The People (Clubs), and Merchants (Diamonds). Each Founder is seen brandishing their own unique element, representative of their role as a founder and the legacy they have left behind as our inheritance.

There are two unique Jokers, featuring Uncle Sam carrying the Stars & Stripes in flight upon his Eagle, while clutching a banner bearing the Latin phrase ‘Annuit Cœptis’ (He favors our undertakings). One card views this scene from a distance, while the other is simply a close up on Uncle Sam’s face and crops the background.

The Bill of Rights card can be kept with the deck or carried around as a pocket reference of the first ten amendments to U.S. Constitution.

The cards come packaged in a red, white & blue embossed box featuring gold foil accents, and a red tax stamp seal.

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