Charge and Secure your Electronics with My Cube Safe

Charge and Secure your Electronics with My Cube Safe

by Yoav
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MyCube founders Lois Krasilovsky and her son, Scott Annan, grew up in a home where safekeeping was a way of life and business. Lois’s father was the president of Empire Safe, the company that built and installed safes and vaults for the world’s greatest jewelers. Lois and Scott may have known a lot about protecting the Krupp diamond, but they also recognized that most homeowners didn’t have the same needs as Harry Winston or Cartier.

Scott’s college years coincided with the rise of laptops, iPods and iPhones. It occurred to him that leaving these things unattended, as he and his fellow students competed on tracks, fields and pools, might not be the smartest idea, given their specific value and the fact that they held music libraries, photograph albums, videos, and homework. Personal electronics were changing our lives, but we hadn't changed the way we accommodated them.

The landing of the iPad, and its immediate cultural acceptance, finally convinced Scott that the time had come to manage, charge, store, and secure electronic devices with a smart, sensible, fresh approach to safekeeping. He knew right where to turn; he had an expert at home.

Lois, a top-rated realtor and home-developer, had seen a lot of houses. She knew just what was happening in homemaking and home design. She added the insight that while only a precious few owned the kind of jewels her family protected, most homes held all kinds of personal valuables, perhaps too small or idiosyncratic for a full-blown jewelry-store safe. Lois knew that value is in the eye of the beholder. From graduation-pearls to passports, lockets to love letters, medical records, photographs, deeds and wills, and all manner of things treasured or necessary – there is a lot of history and personal value tucked into our desk drawers. Lois believed the time had come to present a safe place for all of them.

Scott and Lois pooled their collective insight and energy and developed MyCube, a personal safe that charges electronic devices while it keeps them secure. This safe is the first in a line of safekeeping products that meet our lifestyles and blend technology and security with a great sense of style. Look for an expanded line of accessories and new devices down the road.

MyCube is made of eighth-inch-thick reinforced steel with a 4-digit code digital keypad for quick opening and one-button push locking. The digital lock triggers two tamper-proof steel bolts which keep the door tightly closed and secure. MyCube has an internal charging outlet with a battery powered digital LED screen keypad and a manual override. It is a manageable 40 pounds, and can be bolted securely to floors, cabinets or shelves.

● Outside Dimensions: 11” H x 20.5” W x 14.5” D
● Opening Dimensions (clearance): 9” H x 16” W
● Internal Dimensions: 10” H x 20” W x 11 1/4” D
● Door Length at 90 degrees full opening: 16 5/8”
● Weight: 40 lbs.

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