Scout: Next-Generation Home Security System by Sandbox Industries

Scout: Next-Generation Home Security System by Sandbox Industries

by Yoav
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Finally a home security system that not only gives the user total control but is stylish and sleek. The Scout Alarm is a head turner that is bound to make your friends jealous. Combines cutting-edge hardware design with intuitive easy-to-use controls, Scout lets you monitor your house on the go, or at home, with low hardware costs and no required monthly fees. Scout even lets the user customize responses to alerts resulting in fewer false alarms and more control over home security.

"By eliminating the middleman, Scout makes home security affordable and efficient while maintaining its effectiveness," said Lindsay Cohen, Vice President of Sandbox Industries, a seed investor in Scout. "The problem is that home security companies have kept prices artificially high for the last 20 years, while using the same outdated equipment. People think home security is a luxury purchase. Scout is here to change that - we think everyone deserves to be protected."

Key Features:
• Transportable System: Renters and homeowners can take the system with them when they move
• Instant installation: No technicians, wires, or landlines are needed for installation. A simple push on
the wall is all it takes to make Scout work.
• Remote Monitoring & Control: People can arm their alarms from any smartphone, tablet, or PC
anywhere in the world.
• Modern Appearance: Scout’s casing is sleek and minimal. It comes with a variety of faceplate choices.
• No Monthly Fees: Basic functionality is free, and purchasers can choose to add professional monitoring
if they wish.
• Home Access for Anyone at Any Time: Granting temporary home access to anyone who needs it is
simple and hassle-free.

Scout's sensors are networked with a Zigbee chipset which creates a mesh network across your house and lets Scout integrate with other Zigbee-powered security devices. The system starts with a base station and customers can add arm/disarm panels, open/close sensors, and motion sensors. No matter where you go, you'll never be apart from your Scout security system. You can arm or disarm your system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Scout's convenient mobile app allows you to monitor the system anytime and sends you live updates when anything is out of the ordinary.

Base Station
Your Base Station, Scout's hub, allows you to configure your entire security system through your smartphone or computer. It plugs directly into your internet router and works over WIFI. It also has a 3G cellular chip, which, upon activation, can be used with a monthly monitoring plan and covers you if your WIFI goes out. The device also has a backup battery in case of power outages.

Arm/Disarm Panel
Place an Arm/Disarm Panel at each door where you want to be able to arm or disarm your system. Since you can easily arm or disarm your Scout system using your smartphone, this panel is only necessary when you don't have your phone. The Arm/Disarm Panel utilizes RFID reader technology (read: no keycodes or buttons) and includes an Open/Close Sensor for its door.

Open/Close Sensors
Be notified the instant your door or window is opened a crack with Scout's Open/Close Sensors. With their easy push-and-stick installation, the Open/Close Sensors can also monitor internal doors that require a little extra protection (like liquor cabinets and safes). You'll need one Open/Close Sensor for each door or window that's accessible to potential intruders — usually those at ground level — except for doors equipped with an Arm/Disarm Panel.

Motion Sensors
Scout's state-of-the-art Motion Sensors cover the areas of your house where Open/Close Sensors can be bypassed. Use them in rooms where intruders could gain access without opening a window or door — rooms with lots of glass, for example. These devices aren't trigger happy, though; they won't be set off by pets under 40 lbs. Scout Motion Sensors are designed with versatility in mind — they can be mounted in a corner, or stand freely by themselves on a shelf.

Scout can be pre-ordered starting at $120 for one base station and one arm/disarm panel. Additional arm/disarm panels are $40, open/close sensors are $20, and motion sensors are $40. Customers can choose between Arctic, Midnight, and Walnut styles.

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