folding boat: A Leisure Boat Made From a Standard Sheet of Plastic

folding boat: A Leisure Boat Made From a Standard Sheet of Plastic

by Yoav
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maarno is a creative collaboration between designers Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies. The 'folding boat'' is one of several design projects the collaborative is developing. maarno spent the past year developing the most recent 'folding boat' prototype. 'folding boat' is still a prototype, which maarno continues to improve. They are looking for collaborators who would be interested in further developing this product.

'folding boat' is a seamless folding, leisure boat made from a standard sheet of plastic which can be assembled in a relatively short period of time. 'folding boat' was developed after a paper-folding workshop in which systems of creating various forms out of a single piece of material were introduced. The main advantages of the product are transportation, storage and assembly. Ideal for one or two people, 'folding boat' can be used in the urban environment (canals, ponds and lakes). Suitable for fisherman and campers, it also has the potential to be dispatched during disaster relief scenarios such as floods. 'folding boat' includes two cushions and two oars.

The most recent prototype folds into a compact parcel, 150cm x 80cm. The 'folding boat' can now fit into the back of a car. The assembly of the boat has been completely redesigned and is now more intuitive and easy.

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