Red Cup Living Adds New Cups to its Family

Red Cup Living Adds New Cups to its Family

by Yoav
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Red Cup Living, a lifestyle company centered around America's favorite red party cup, has announced it is adding four new reusable and dishwasher safe red cups to its line. The iconic red cup holds nostalgia and represents a universally recognizable sign of people gathering and having a great time. Red Cup Living's red cups are designed around the iconic red party cup and offer an eco-conscious alternative to disposable cups. The new reusable red cups are a 14 oz. Wine Cup, a 15 oz. Margarita Cup and a 12 oz. Cocktail Cup. The company is also adding a 12 oz. stoneware coffee mug to its offering.

The idea for this lifestyle brand started with family, friends and neighbors over red cups. The founders, a husband and wife team, wanted to see their own neighborhood more connected so they built a large front yard patio and started having casual "patio parties". Anyone in the neighborhood was invited to stop by for a red cup and conversation. No formal invites—just a casual get together. After a few months they were amazed how it brought people closer together, formed new friendships and helped bring a sense of community to their neighborhood. As a result, Red Cup Living was created with the vision to share the Red Cup Living lifestyle and philosophy with the rest of the world.

"Red Cup Living embodies the very spirit of the red cup—it's all about grabbing a moment in our busy lives to have fun and connect with others. We use this spirit to inspire family, friends and neighbors to create good times and great memories," said Michael Romley , CEO and founder of Red Cup Living. "Since our launch in 2012, the Red Cup Living lifestyle has received a phenomenal response. We are launching four new reusable red cup designs due to the tremendous demand we have seen from retailers nationwide."

Red Cup Living's reusable red cups go hand in hand with outdoor living by bringing entertainment and convenience to outdoor spaces. The added bonus is these cups are reusable. They can be placed directly in the dishwasher and used over and over again. Each cup is constructed of high quality, break-resistant, double wall ABS plastic; are BPA and phthalates free and FDA approved.

The four new reusable red cups being added to its line are:

Wine Cup (14 oz.) — This wine cup is a complement to the current 8 oz. wine cup. Now there is a small and large wine cup to suit every wine lover.

Margarita Cup (15 oz.) — The ultimate margarita cup has arrived. With a clean modern design it will look great in any outdoor space.

Cocktail Cup (12 oz.) — Martini's and cocktails are perfect for this cocktail cup. The sleek design will enable everyone to sip in style.

Stoneware Coffee Mug (12 oz.) — This high quality stoneware mug resembles the red cup and will have people smiling with every cup of coffee or tea.

These four reusable red cups will be added to the original line-up of Red Cup Living red cups and other products which include: Icon Cup 18 oz., Icon XL 32 oz., Wine Cup 8 oz., Shooter Cup 2 oz. (with or without lanyard), Magnetic Bottle Opener (with or without lanyard), hip apparel, hats and accessories.

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