Test Your Blood Sugar Levels with GlucoDock

Test Your Blood Sugar Levels with GlucoDock

by Yoav
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GlucoDock transforms your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad instantaneously into a blood sugar measuring device of the newest generation. Smaller than a matchbox, it fits in every pocket and can be accessed everywhere. GlucoDock relieves you from the work of keeping a diary. Each entry is stored immediately and is presented in various forms and designs. This way you save much time and can concentrate on what is most important - your health!

By setting your own target values you receive helpful feedback with each measurement. Moreover you may keep track of medication and food. You are also able to measure blood glucose levels in mg/dL and mmol/L. GlucoDock offers you the ability to tag each blood sugar result with a before or after meal status and easily compare your performances with the statistics. You may also see data concerning your mood and activity status.

As soon as the results are displayed, additional comments may be added. With two clicks you can mark, if a reading was taken after a workout or before a meal. In addition to this information about how you feel in general can also be included or a short note can be written.

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