The Macallan Flask in Collaboration with Oakley

The Macallan Flask in Collaboration with Oakley

by Yoav
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There was a day when a flask was a secret, something to be hidden in a deep coat pocket and sipped from covertly in the shadows. But thanks to recent collaboration between Oakley and The Macallan, the flask is no longer something to be concealed. It's a loud, raucous, 21-and-over celebration of technical design and discerning taste.

Made with food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum, The Flask is more than a vessel; it's a statement. The Flask has an edgy and adventurous feel. The carefully considered and expertly executed Flask is the last word in dynamic and premium craftsmanship from the inside out. Durable in style as well as design, the resilience of The Flask is assuredly robust. Every potential circumstance and environment of usage has been considered.

To help back up this statement, Discommon Concepts and Armed Bandit Media collaborate to bring you the "Test Sessions". The team behind The Flask felt that traditional lab-based product testing didn't quite match the work that went into the final product. These "Test Sessions" are the result of a few well-placed phone calls to some great friends. One flask was very badly harmed during the course of testing -- but the whisky inside it was not. Result!

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