Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

by Yoav
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The Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is an innovative, portable speaker design designed to grip your iPad allowing users to move seamlessly from one environment to another while enjoying incredible audio for music, movies and presentations. It has wireless Bluetooth capability so that it works within a range of 30 feet of your iPad whether acting as an integrated stand for the iPad or just placed in the same room.

The deep bass speaker design and wideband microphone create a deep rich sound for entertainment or communication using applications such as iTunes, Pandora, Facetime or Skype. The silicone housing design makes the Zooka rugged for travel but also sensitive enough to grip your precious iPad without concern. Zooka - the perfect iPad audio companion!

● Light weight, thin profile speaker goes where you go
● Easy access to power, volume and Bluetooth controls
● Deep Bass speakers enhance movies, music, or presentations on your iPad, iPhone or MacBook
● Wideband microphone enhances Facetime and Skype communication
● Extended battery life means less frustrating down time and more enhanced audio for work or entertainment

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