Type 46 Watch by Division Furtive

Type 46 Watch by Division Furtive

by Yoav
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The Type 46 watch by Division Furtive is a dual linear movement electromechanical watch. Built from scratch, (movement and casing) the production of this watch is limited to only 46 units. The watch tells time only when looked at and understands light signals that come from your mobile phone or computer screen for configuration.

When the watch is in reading mode, meaning in front of the user and at and angle of about 45°, the cursors quickly move to show you the current time. At this point, the upper cursor shows the hours and the lower cursor the minutes. Type 46 sports no buttons. In order to activate the secondary functions, the user must tap (or double-tap) the front sapphire crystal.

Production: Limited to 46 units
● Caliber: 6 mm, Swiss-made electric stepper motors with 25 mm helicoidal link
● Case: Sterling silver with black nanoceramic coating
● Diameter: 50 mm
● Thickness: 16 mm
● Dial: Gold plated mat black
● Glass: Sapphire (front) and mineral (back)
● Cursors: Golden with black stripes
● Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer for front crystal tapping detection
● Battery: User-serviceable AAA/IEC FR03
● Power reserve: 365 days (normal usage)
● Band: 24 mm wide padded and sewed leather
● Clasp: Stainless steel with black PVD finish
● Recommended maintenance: First one after one (1) year, every two (2) years after
● Warranty: 2 years

Watch features: Day (units on top cursor and tens on bottom cursor), AM/PM (AM or PM on bottom cursor and current hour on top cursor), exact minutes (units on top cursor and tens on bottom cursor), day of the week, time zone, phase of the moon, chronometer, battery life indicator, time until next maintenance (recommended after the first year and every two years after, unless otherwise specified).

Other features: The watch can be set by light signals from your smartphone / computer display. Programming device must be a recent smartphone or LCD screen (some screen calibration/adjustment may be required -- so far over 20 different iPhone/Android/Blackberry/LCD makes and models have been tested) and must be web-enabled. Because of this, the watch can support advanced calendar features like moon phases and automatic date change (including leap-year calculation). The watch can also be set by using the third scale on the back of the watch and the tap/double-tap gestures.

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