3D Printing Coming to a Vending Machine Near You

3D Printing Coming to a Vending Machine Near You

by Yoav
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Dreambox’s mission is to unleash creativity and innovation by placing hyper-local automated manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. To accomplish its mission, Dreambox seeks to provide accessible, affordable, and convenient 3D printing to all by offering local placement and service of 3D printing vending machines.

A Dreambox is a 3D printing vending machine. It is the simplest way to have your custom models created. Take away the dozens of hours to setup a 3D printer, take away the weeks of waiting to receive an item from a 3D printing service, take away the need for a full-time operator and you’re left only with 3D printing’s unique manufacturing capabilities. With a Dreambox users can freely experiment with and harness 3D printing’s advantages.

Having an item 3D printed with a Dreambox is as simple as uploading or choosing a design online, clicking the “Print” button and retrieving the item once it’s ready. The details of what happens in between choosing to print an item and receiving that item are not important to the end user. What is important is that multiple users can get physical versions of their digital creations faster and simpler than ever before.

Dreamboxes are built to order with a varying number of internal 3D printers and lockers based on customer needs. Instead of creating our own 3D printers, we leverage the best of existing 3D printing technology so we can stay on the forefront of quality. Increasing the internal number of 3D printers and lockers lets a single Dreambox service a larger number of individuals.

Dreambox currently uses fused deposition modeling to create products from bioplastics, but will in the future offer additional material options.

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