The KLiP All-in-One Tea Brewer

The KLiP All-in-One Tea Brewer

by Yoav
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The KLiP is a new take on brewing single serve tea, and great for both bagged and whole leaf tea. The patent-pending, integrated saucer design, allows you to simply brew and go. No more waiting near a kitchen sink or be near a waste basket before fully enjoying your brew. This one of it’s kind infuser can be used in most all standard mugs, so there is no need to buy a special mug. Unlike other basket infusers which can get in the way, you can enjoy a sip of your favorite tea while it's still brewing, so you'll know the exact moment your tea is ready.
Perfect tea, each and every time...

With the mission to "re-imagine everyday living" and improve daily interaction with tools through intelligent design.
Joel Bebo has founded Boco design, a company that focuses not only on just design and products, but on their surrounding community. Joel built the Boco brand around community and giving back, because it not only feels good to him, but because he believes working for something you truly believe in and have a passion for is the best way to go about living his life.

So whether you’re at the office or in the comfort of your home, you may enjoy your favorite blend of tea hassle free and now you don’t need that saucer that clutters your workspace. The KLiP will be offered in Black, Red, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Purple for the time being. You'll receive a survey at the end of the campaign for you to choose your favorite colors.

● Patent pending design allows for a snug fit onto practically any size mug
● Great for both loose-leaf tea or bagged tea
● Convenient. The saucer is designed right into the flexible silicone clip assembly, so there is no need for a separate
saucer. After the tea brews, just removed the KLiP from the mug, give it a quick shake, and flip it.
● No need to count the minutes. The KLiP allows you to sip the tea while the tea is brewing (you can't easily do this
with traditional tea baskets or spring loaded balls). So, you'll know the exact moment your tea is ready to taste.
● Overall Dimensions: 2.36 inch W x 2.49 inch H x 1.41 inch D
● Materials: Food grade ABS plastic, flexible silicone, and stainless steel
● Temperature rating: Semi-rigid Silicone rated for 220 degrees F
● Dishwasher safe

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