The Bark Wallet by AMCW

The Bark Wallet by AMCW

by Yoav
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If you're in need of downsizing your wallet, or just looking for a really cool wallet, look no further. The Bark wallet is perfect. Designed and hand sewn in California, the wallet is crafted from cork fabric, a great alternative to leather. Cork has rugged beauty, durability, and is guilt free! Slim enough to slip into your pocket without creating stress lines, this wallet fits in the palm of your hand and helps you cut the unnecessary from your life. It can hold eight cards and is customizable with red, blue, bronze, or white stitching.

If you're looking for a way to appreciate your iPhone's structural beauty and would rather not ruin its sleek design – a minimalist skin backing that provides protection and beauty for the iPhone 4/4S/5 is also available. Carry your essentials and simplify your life with the minimalist Bark wallet and iPhone back.

Bark is the creation of Arash Malek and Carolyn Wegner who both graduated the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. Encouraged to look at nature for inspiration, their designs aim to bring humans and their natural surroundings to a more harmonious existence.

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