Bartendro the Cocktail Dispensing Robot

Bartendro the Cocktail Dispensing Robot

by Yoav
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Bartendro is a precision cocktail dispensing robot! Bartendro is easy to set up and cleans up in about 5 minutes. Liquids only pass through food-grade tubing, not moving parts! Fill up a pitcher with warm soapy water and turn on the cleaning cycle. Run another cycle with clean water and sanitizer and the bot is good as new. It makes tasty drinks quickly and repeatably without the mess. It's light and portable so that you can easily take it to events, conferences, weddings, parties, or wherever!

Party Robotics uses peristaltic pumps which dispense a known volume with every revolution of the motor to precisely meter our drinks. Each pump combined with their custom electronics is called a "dispenser." The dispenser boards use the same processor as an Arduino and connect through a RJ-45 connector to a "router board" which carries the Raspberry Pi (RPI) computer. Any normal networking cable will work, but they custom made the cables that come with Bartendro to be just the right length.

Router boards can handle up to 15 dispensers, while miniRouter boards can handle up to 3 dispensers. The RPI sets up a wireless access point and creates a WiFi network called Bartendro. To get started, simply connect to this network from any device and go to a web browser. Regardless of the web address you type, you'll be directed to Bartendro's main drink menu screen.

Every time we set Bartendro up, we get a flurry of ideas suggested to us. Can it accept credit cards? Can you make it detect if someone is intoxicated? What about RFID or facial recognition. These are all possibilities we'd love to see implemented, but our resources are limited. That's why the software and the hardware are open source.

Add a Microsoft Kinect to the top of the bot, or a card reader for payment or age verification, a breathalyzer, social networking or drink suggestions. Integrate stirring/shaking, an ice dispenser or a conveyor belt to move several glasses through the bot. You can even put the whole thing on wheels and make it a mobile robot! The ideas are almost endless and this is a great platform to build on.

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