V-Moda Vamp Headphone Amplifier for iPhone

V-Moda Vamp Headphone Amplifier for iPhone

by Yoav
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Amplify your inner audiophile and make your iPhone unique via VAMP. V-MODA's headphone AMP, DAC, metal casing and battery pack transforms the iPhone 4/4S into the ultimate spy-worthy gadget. The VAMP incorporates a 150mW x 2 amplifier that delivers optimal power to drive even the most power-hungry headphones and pure audio clarity for headphones of all sizes.

VAMP also features a dedicated Digital to Analog Converter processor that bypasses the iPhone's analog output for the ultimate analog sound. Tuned by V-MODA's M-Class team, legendary musicians and Grammy-Award winning producers, the VAMP offers two selectable audio processing modes for the discerning audiophile. The PURE mode processes audio in the truest of forms and the VQ (V-MODA equalizer) mode tightens bass, sharpens the treble attack and adds a 3D sound that makes the music feel live. VAMP's To slink/SPDIF digital audio output enables the iPhone to double as an audiophile-level source. Powered by a 2200mAh battery, the VAMP functions as a backup power source almost doubling the iPhone's battery life.

A unique aircraft-grade brushed metal exterior and shock-absorbing silicone protects the iPhone from impact, scratches and dents. VAMP is essential gear for the modern audio connoisseur to stand out from the crowd.

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