Scatola Del Tempo 3RTM Watch Winder

Scatola Del Tempo 3RTM Watch Winder

by Yoav
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Scatola del Tempo was founded by Sandro Colarietiin in 1989. His story is characterized by genius and restlessness. He began a relentless journey towards perfection, tenaciously pursued and impeccably conceived. Heir to a great tradition in the silk industry, he was destined to have great skill and intelligence, qualities which he used to continue his ancestor’s passion. His spirit of independence, his pride, and the awareness of his value pushed him to deviate from the path that had already been outlined for him.

It is Colarietiin's love of mechanics, and his deep passion for watchmaking that ultimately showed him the way. These beautiful life experiences give birth to Scatola del Tempo, an ingenuous hobby that became the activity of a lifetime. People who know him well, know how proud he is of his company he created from nothing and brought with determination, to success.

There is no finer way to display a beautiful watch and keep it wounded at the same time. The rotors are equipped with a high precision micro-motor commanded by a microprocessor and they can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, allowing to maintain the charge of the spring barrel of any automatic movement. User-programmable control allows head direction and turns per day to be optimized for the watch being wound. Power is provided by either easily available "D" cell alkaline batteries or by the supplied AC/DC adapter. A "low" battery power indicator automatically signals when battery replacement is due.

Type: Winder
Accommodation: Three watches
Available Variations: Brass w/ leather | Silver w/ leather
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 11 1/4 x 4 3/8
Warranty: One year
Note: Midwest Diamond & Watch is an authorized dealer.

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