Master Lock Street Cuff Bike Locks

Master Lock Street Cuff Bike Locks

by Yoav
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When tough isn’t enough. Admit it. The world is getting smarter, including thieves. Fight back with the Street Cuff. Without a fixed anchor point for leverage and virtually no space for jacks, there just isn’t an easy way to defeat these cuffs. For added convenience, they fold in half for easy storage. Master Lock’s pivot link allows Cuff to be easily manipulated around both the bicycle and the immovable object it is locked to.

Heat-treated laminated steel is tough to cut. Ratchet Locking provides a snug fit, denying room for pry bars and jacks. Patented keyway highly resistant to both picking and drilling. Push Button Locking; the key is not required to lock the cuff. Pliable soft touch bumpers protect the bicycle finish.

● 3-inch cuffs allow locking to a parking meter or fence post
● Pivoting link prevents a fixed anchor point, taking away the use of leverage to defeat
● Hardened laminated steel construction with hardened pivot link is virtually impossible to cut
● Compact design folds in half to fit in seat bag, back pack or pocket
● 12 inches long for convenient locking

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