The Archelon Emergency Capsule

The Archelon Emergency Capsule

by Yoav
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The Archelon Emergency Capsule is designed to save and protect people in emergency situations, such as typhoons, tsunamis and floods. The design is intended to shelter up to seven people for a period of two weeks or more. The specially developed module sustains life with a standalone, electric power generator and two electric motors. These motors allow the capsule to move about and travel short distances. Passengers will have the ability to communicate with the outside world via radio and navigate using the onboard navigation system.

Separate capsules can be conjoined to form whole groups, thus creating refuge zones. Inside, each capsule is equipped with seatbelts and toilets, a supply of fresh water, food, and oxygen. The capsule itself is protected with an innovative, shock-absorbing exterior layer. In the event of a collision with hard objects, this special layer absorbs turbulence and minimizes the impact of a collision. The durable internal frame is designed to resist a multitude of external pressures.

1. Internal frame
2. Shock-absorbing layer
3. Deck
4. Ventilation
5. Hatch-window
6. Headlamp
7. Soft inner lining
8. Belt
9. Cooler (hot water)
10. Compartment with warm clothing, access to the battery (48 volt lithium-ion)
11. Supply of water, dry rations, oxygen
12. Biotoilet
13. Blind

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