DiamondBack HD Truck Bed Cover

DiamondBack HD Truck Bed Cover

by Yoav
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The DiamondBack HD truck bed cover boasts a 1600-lb. hauling capacity on top. It's a heavy duty hauling platform that's good for transporting ATVs, lumber, step ladders, furniture—virtually anything. Think of your truck bed as a double-decker. Twice the space to haul cargo. The key to the DiamondBack HD truck bed covers strength is seven structural support members which spread cargo weight out over all four bed rails of your truck. They're essentially the "ribs" of the truck bed cover, spaced out beneath the cover to give it strength unmatched by any other tonneau cover on the market.

Twelve high-strength cargo cleats offer multiple tie-down points for securing cargo, ATVs, and anything else you need to transport. They're strategically placed around all four sides of the truck bed cover giving you plenty of options for strapping your cargo down. They come standard and already installed so you can get right to the fun. Two keyed lock handles on the tonneau cover's access panels keep your things secure by actuating "deadbolt"-style locking rods that lock directly under the bed rails. It makes the DiamondBack HD truck bed cover and your truck one complete secure unit. Have peace of mind knowing your gear is safe.

The DiamondBack HD truck bed cover keeps water out of your bed using a thick neoprene compression gasket around the perimeter. Gutters along the hinge points channel water run-off away from your bed when you open the truck bed cover's access panels. Front and rear access panels mean no more crawling in and out of your truck bed. Need to get to the front of your bed? It's simple: Just open the front access panel up by the cab. No need to roll or fold back panels or crouch into hard-to-get areas created by single panel tonneau covers.

And for tall cargo like refrigerators and grills, the DiamondBack HD truck bed cover folds in seconds to open up almost half your bed. That means there's no need to think ahead if you decide to go shopping for that new big screen television. Strap the folded panel down against the rest of the cover using the built-in cargo cleats and you're ready to go.

Made of .100" 3003 alloy aluminum diamond plate, thicker than most truck tool boxes, this truck bed cover can't be cracked or cut open like other covers. It's security you can trust. Plus, unlike on paint-to-match fiberglass tonneau covers, scratches are well-hidden by the tread pattern. The DiamondBack HD truck bed cover will handle anything you can throw at it. It's durability you can rely on.

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