The BikeSpike GPS Tracking Solution for Bikes

The BikeSpike GPS Tracking Solution for Bikes

by Yoav
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The BikeSpike is a tracking solution that protects your bike and broadcasts your ride. It’s backed by the world’s smallest GPS chipset with a builtin antenna, an onboard accelerometer, and connects to a global cellular network.

The BikeSpike’s patent pending technology allows you to pinpoint your bike’s location via the web or mobile app. You can also grant temporary access to your bike’s location empowering friends, family and social media followers to view the exact location of your bike. It is the first interactive solution that provides law enforcement with a tool that gives your bike the best chance it’s ever had at being recovered.

An onboard accelerometer adds an additional level of security, and can even be configured to contact loved ones in the event of an accident. The BikeSpike also allows users to collect training data, share previous rides taken with friends and even dare them to beat your time! Serious cyclists and racers can broadcast their current location to give spectators an unprecedented layer of engagement during a race. Multiple BikeSpikes can be joined together online to create family accounts, manage fleets of bicycles, or even facilitate community bike sharing programs, all from a simple web and mobile interface.

Perhaps whats best is BikeSpike's open API which allows for developers to create gaming and fitness apps that you can download and use with the device or use the data created from the BikeSpike to integrate with the existing apps you already love.

Tech Specs:
● 3.1 oz
● 3.75”x1.5”x1”
● Incorporating the world’s smallest GPS with an integrated antenna
● Onboard three-axis accelerometer
● 200 hours biking or 1 month battery life
● Open API
● Export GPX data for use in other applications
● Native Android and iOS apps
● Nationwide coverage and world ready.

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