Give any Speaker Bluetooth with The Vamp

Give any Speaker Bluetooth with The Vamp

by Yoav
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There are many portable Bluetooth speakers on the market but for sheer sound quality these devices don't match the superior audio quality of a conventional speaker and they are often very expensive. The Vamp is about bringing life back to the millions of speakers which still exist in our homes and delivering great sound at an affordable price. The Vamp is a gadget which allows traditional hi fi speakers to communicate with today's world of portable digital devices, allowing them to be used in the house, the garden or the park – in fact, anywhere. Old speakers can now be transformed into a portable Bluetooth speaker –for as little as £35.

The Vamp is a cute cube shaped object with an inner magnet that allows it to stick to the side of the speaker. The internal battery can power any size speaker and means all the wires and clutter we are used to seeing are gone. It can receive sound via Bluetooth from any Bluetooth device within 10m. The Vamp makes a real contribution to retaining the craftsmanship and quality of well-made speakers and use them to embrace the newest wireless technology.

● Casing
● 1 inner magnet
● 10m Bluetooth range
● Rechargeable battery with 10+ hours battery life (can be a fully day’s battery life depending on volume)
● Can recharge or have constant power by using any USB port or USB power adapter
● The Vamp can power any size speaker. It uses Bluetooth to receive sound from any Bluetooth device, such as
your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
● You can position it anywhere on your speaker and it comes supplied with a foampad/magnetic attachment.
● It is compatible with various speakers including those from your PC and hi-fi.

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