Belkin Conserve Power Switch

Belkin Conserve Power Switch

by Yoav
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The Belkin Conserve Power Switch provides a simple way to save energy and reduce utility costs. Electronic devices left plugged in when not in use can still draw power. The Conserve Power Switch cuts power with the flip of a switch. There is no need to unplug cords from the wall, which means your worktops and floor areas stay tidy. The Belkin Conserve's slim design allows two switches to fit next to each other in a standard wall outlet, and it features an illuminated easy-flip power button, so you know when power is active.

Cut Power to Any Device with the Flip of a Switch
The Belkin Conserve Power Switch gives you all the benefits of unplugging your devices without the hassle. An illuminated easy-flip power switch on the side of the Conserve Power Switch makes it easy to know whether the device plugged in is drawing power. Any device plugged into the Conserve Power Switch will draw zero power until you flip the switch to the on position.

Save Energy and Money
In a typical American household, there are up to 40 devices drawing power when not in use at a given time. This can average up to $100 a year in unnecessary energy costs. By using a Conserve Power Switch on electric devices like stereos, chargers, and microwaves, it's easy to ensure you're not wasting energy on devices you aren't using.

Keep Worktops and Floors Clutter Free
Unplugging cords from outlets can make workspaces untidy and even unsafe. The Conserve Power Switch lets you keep your devices plugged in, so worktops stay free of clutter.

Use Alone or In a Pair
Designed for standard US three-pin power outlets, the Conserve Power Switch does not obstruct an unused outlet when plugged in. Two Conserve Power Switches easily fit next to each other in one standard outlet and can work simultaneously.

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