Bacon Cure And Smoke Kit

Bacon Cure And Smoke Kit

by Yoav
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Create delicious home cured and smoked bacon with this curing and smoking kit ideal for use in a lidded barbecue. This curing and smoking kit gives you the tools to create that delicious authentic farmhouse home cured and smoked bacon taste from start to sizzle. The pack includes a professional cure mix, whole juniper, mixed peppercorns and fresh bayleaves, a ProQ Cold Smoke Generator to create the smoke flavour and 500g of oak wood smoking dust plus full step by step instructions - all packed into a cotton bag with a pig illustration. All you need is a quality joint of pork loin or belly pork and a vented and enclosed smoking compartment, such as a barbecue or smoker.

A step by step, day by day guide to the process gives you an easy to follow detailed programme of works from curing to drying to smoking. Allow 8 days for the entire process including 5 days for the curing process, a day (or night) for smoking and a couple of days for resting, slicing and packing. You can do the smoking part of the process in a hooded barbecue, dedicated or home-made smoking compartment.

Buy pork loin or belly pork joints from your local butcher or farm shop - slow growing rare breeds and outdoor reared pigs will always give you the best flavour. Use pork loin for back bacon and belly pork for streaky bacon or pancetta. Either hand cut your bacon or talk to your local butcher about slicing. The bacon can be stored for up to three weeks in the fridge or frozen, or vacuum pack and freeze for greater longevity.

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