Travel Bike Boxes by Crate Works

Travel Bike Boxes by Crate Works

by Yoav
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Crate works has been in business since 1997 and are creators of one of the most affordable, durable bike boxes available today both in the USA and through their worldwide distributors. They have many testimonials from their customers including professional athletes and enthusiastic bicyclists across the globe.

Since day one every bike box part is still available for current run products via their website or 800 number. They are very proud that this isn’t a “disposable” box but rather a reusable, carefully crafted product.

Pro 1 Cardboard Bike shipping box
The strongest corrugated-cardboard bicycle shipping box on the market. Includes a rigid CORR-X Frame Plate, all the tie downs, re-enforced handholds, liners, foam chocks and even the H-Strap System..The new design is fully collapsible, and easily stored when not in use. Shipped complete with everything you need to ship your bike. Good for 5-10+ trips.

Weight 21 LBS
11" X 30" X 45.5 (Inches) Outer dimensions
10 X 29 X 44 (inches) Inside dimensions

Pro XL-C Plastic Bike Box
The PRO-XLC folds flat when not in use, or from the center into a compact nodule. Super Strong when assembled with over 400 sq.inches of hook and loop fasteners at the corners. The Collapsing feature makes it great for tours. The Crate Works Transport systems PRO XL-C Bike Travel Case has been as far as New Zealand, Tibet and Outer Mongolia with no reports of mishap to box or bike. The PRO XL-C bike shipping box is Shipped complete with all Straps and Foam needed to pack your bike. All parts replaceable thru this website. The PRO XL-C Will last for many years, just ask the many Triathletes including one who toured for 3 years with his box all over the world.

Weight 22 LBS
11" X 30" X 45.5 (Inches) Outer dimensions
10 X 29 X 44 (inches) inside dimensions

$160 - $230   BUY · SAVE
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