Etón BoostSolar Mobile Charging Solution

Etón BoostSolar Mobile Charging Solution

by Yoav
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BoostSolar is a single solar panel that features a rechargeable lithium battery (5000 mAh), and is a long-lasting source of reliable power, wherever you are. With the ability to fully charge in ten hours via the sun, or in seven hours by way of the Micro-USB DC input, BoostSolar includes a standard USB port for charging any of your mobile devices. BoostSolar also boasts the ability to charge multiple backup batteries in succession – simply snap on a removable battery pack and allow it to charge, and then replace it immediately with another to gain unlimited backup power. With the press of a button, LED charge indicators provide the user with the amount of battery charge left in their device.

“In our mobile society, it is now more important than ever to ensure our devices are always charged and ready for use, whether for personal or professional reasons,” said Esmail Hozour, CEO of Etón Corporation. “With its ability to charge handheld devices and their backup batteries, BoostSolar is the perfect solution when enjoying your outdoor adventures to ensure you always have power to make a call or send an important text.”

In addition to being durable and IPX-4-rated splash-proof, BoostSolar also features fastener holes that enable it to be easily attached to a backpack for maximum portability and to charge while you’re on the go.

• Rugged rubberized exterior
• IPX-4 splashproof
• 5V = 2.1A USB out to charge most smartphones and tablets
• Slim design
• Fastener holes for backpacks and straps
• Rechargeable lithium battery (5000mAh)—enough to charge most smartphones twice
• Removable – Interchangeable battery pack
• Battery packs sold as accessories
• Press button for LED battery charge indicator
• Micro USB to charge via smartphone charger—7 hours for full charge
• Solar charging—16 hours for full charge

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