The Limited Edition Garia Mansory Currus Golf Cart

The Limited Edition Garia Mansory Currus Golf Cart

by Yoav
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This limited edition roadster is called Garia Mansory Currus and is designed in close collaboration with Mansory, the car customizer famous for customizing luxury super cars such as Bentley, Bugatti, and Ferrari. The Garia Mansory Currus, of which only 7 will be manufactured and available for sale, comes with signature Mansory luxury features such as dashboard in genuine leather, custom seat, and carbon fiber rear body and many other details.

For a genuine race car feel, it also comes with an adjustable setting for maximum motor braking and battery regeneration while driving as well as a speed switch with different driving modes called Golf, Street and Race, which adjust top speed and acceleration parameters.

These settings are unique to Garia Mansory Currus and not available on any other golf cars currently on the market.

The Garia Mansory Currus is fitted with lithium batteries for an extended range of up to 60 km / 37 miles, and a speed package for increased speed of up to 60 km/h / 37 mph (speed package is currently not available in the U.S. ). The Garia Mansory Currus is street legal in Europe.

Overall length: 2330 mm/ 92"
Overall width: 1210 mm/ 48" (excl. side mirrors)
Overall height: 1206 mm/ 47.5"

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