Sound Of Light Invisible Speaker

Sound Of Light Invisible Speaker

by Yoav
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Now you can have your light and hear music, too, with the Sound Of Light Invisible Speaker. This speaker/light socket adds 4" of height however a shorter harp is included so that it can virtually disappear inside an existing lamp shade, and utilizes Texas Instruments Purepath wireless audio technology to transmit music from anywhere within 200 feet of the source. Controllable by remote and expandable with add-on speakers (sold separately).

The Sound of Light lamp speaker was developed as the easy, innovative way to get surround sound--by converting standard floor and table lamps into a multi-zone wireless speaker system. The technology behind the Sound of Light wireless speakers/light sockets was made possible by partnering with Texas Instruments.

● Made of metal
● 2.4 GHz digital signal transmitter
● 433 MHz receiver for handheld remote control operation
● Operating range of up to 200 ft.
● Expandable up to 4 speakers
● Stereo RCA input jacks
● Stereo 3.5mm mini input jack
● Pairing push button
● External switching power supply
● Source audio input
● 2 zone light on/off control, light on LED indicators and volume control
● 2 zone mute function, mute LED indication and linked LED indication
● Amplifier - 25Watt Texas Instruments Purepath Class D
● Each transmitter can operate up to 4 speaker lights
● Channel selection: left-mono-right (selector switch)
● Treble control - knob to adjust treble to compensate for different lampshade densities
● Light control - lighting control relay (on/off)
● Works with iPods, iPhones, iPads, computers, TV and home stereos
● ETL Listed

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