Pentax WG-3 Waterproof Digital Camera

Pentax WG-3 Waterproof Digital Camera

by Yoav
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Your roughest journeys and days on the mountain were made for the Pentax Optio WG-3 Camera Kit, which easily captures the fast-paced action and tiny details of any trip. This incredibly durable 16-megapixel point-and-shoot camera is waterproof, dustproof, cold proof, shockproof, crushproof, GPS enabled, and still capable of professional-level images and full 1080p HD video.

The 28.8X combined zoom and macro focus ring help capture images of canyon walls a mile away, insect mandibles one centimeter away, and everything in between. The flash, autofocus assist lamp, and manual focus help you get the shot despite challenging light conditions. Don't limit yourself to POV shots or blurry photos. This expedition-proof digital camera documents it all with its many modes, including still images, HD video, and even audio sound files.

● A backlit 16 megapixel sensor coupled with the new-generation imaging engine delivers a top sensitivity
of ISO 6402
● Further enhanced waterproof construction allows for depth of 45 feet
● Triple shake reduction with sensor shift shake reduction, shockproof for drops up to 6.5-Feet, cold resistant
to 14 degrees F, dustproof
● 3-Inch LCD, HD 1080P video with h.264 compression @ 30fps
● GPS module for Geo tracking, built in compass, pressure/altitude/water depth gauges and wireless recharging

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