Balance Soundboard by Propellerhead

Balance Soundboard by Propellerhead

by Yoav
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Sounds as good as it looks. Works as great as it feels. Balance comes with two channels of pristine audio recording and enough inputs to connect all your music gear. If you are new to audio recording, Balance will help you get going right away with its quick and easy installation.

If you are a seasoned computer musician, you will appreciate the phenomenal audio quality and streamlined workflow Balance offers. They have taken care of all the tedious stuff — installation, setup, the works. You can concentrate on having fun instead: making music. At its core, Balance is built around audiophile-grade mic pre-amps and electronics that's been praised by the music press. The sleek design won't put your living room to shame and has won Balance a slew of design awards. Balance works out of the box with any recording software on the market, but paired with Reason a few extra gems are unlocked.

With Balance your instruments are always connected and you are always ready to record. On the back of Balance you'll find 8 input connections for all your gear: 2 microphone preamps with phantom power, 2 high impedance guitar and bass inputs with pads, and 4 line inputs. On the side sites Balances powerful headphone output.

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