PiCycle Limited Electric Bicycle

PiCycle Limited Electric Bicycle

by Yoav
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PiCycles are set-up to be inline hybrids. It has power on both wheels with human providing the energy in the rear, and the electric motor powering the front. Keeping the drive systems completely separate means no problematic gear meshing. It also means you can operate it as a bicycle, as a motorcycle, or seamlessly combine both human and electric power to reach the perfect speed while still burning some calories but without breaking a sweat.

PiCycles come with the motor built right into the hub of the front wheel. This setup delivers the most power compared to alternate drive systems. The motor in the front gives the bike terrific handling because the weight of the bike is nearly perfectly centered. Their motors now range from 1.3kW up to a whopping 1.7kW. If you have a child riding or someone that does not need the extra power you can always easily limit the power through the a setting in the display.

In addition there is an integrated app that runs on any smartphone giving you an intuitive readout of the speed, charge level and efficiency. Also, it pushes data to the cloud and provides remote diagnostics so you can be alerted if your bike needs maintenance.

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