Kohler Numi Toilet

Kohler Numi Toilet

by Yoav
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The desire to innovate runs deep at Kohler and doesn't end when a new product is on the market. This is especially true when it comes to a high-profile product like the iconic Numi toilet. As a result of that continued drive to innovate and improve the user experience, the KOHLER Numi toilet received several enhancements: additional user-friendly features like a Bluetooth receiver, SD card for accessing personalized playlists, and ambient lighting.

"Consumer feedback on the Numi toilet allowed us to identify which additional upgrades were most important to users," says Brian Hedlund, Kohler senior product manager for toilets and bidets. "The new enhancements will allow for better enjoyment of the functionalities."

Kohler's most advanced toilet includes a sleek, interactive LCD touch-screen interface, built-in personalized bidet functionality and deodorizer, innovative dual-flush technology with 0.6 and 1.28 gallons per flush, intuitive auto-open and -close lid, and a heated seat and foot warmer. The Numi toilet combines unmatched design and technology to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. From its striking form and features to its exceptional water efficiency, the Numi toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.

● Compact, streamlined one-piece toilet.
● Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.
● Comfort Height feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down
and standing up easier for most adults.
● Hands-free opening and closing of seat.
● Dual flush offers a choice of .6 or 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf).
● 2-7/8-inch plastic trapway.
● Advanced bidet functionality with integrated dryer.
● Remote control.
● Wall-mount docking station.
● Supply line included.
● Power cord.
● Auxiliary music cord.
● External FM antenna.

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