PocketPlug iPhone Case with Built in Charger

PocketPlug iPhone Case with Built in Charger

by Yoav
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Prong is a dynamic company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative accessories for electronic devices. Based in Miami, Florida and with operations in California and China, the Prong team is passionate about design. Their flagship product -the PocketPlug- is the world's first mobile phone case with an integrated charger. Initially designed for the iPhone 4, they have since adapted the PocketPlug for the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III.

The plugs are easily deployed and retracted with the flick of a finger. When the charger is not being used the plugs fold flat, making PocketPlug one of the most portable charging solution on the market today.The case was designed with a micro USB pass-through so you can charge your iPhone with a micro USB cord…if you have one handy. If not, you'll always have your PocketPlug with you to rechage your phone.

The PocketPlug is designed to enhance the quality of the iPhone's speaker and microphone. By redirecting the sound from the speaker towards the front of the phone the case allows the user to experience much louder and clearer audio. The PocketPlug was engineered with some of the most advanced charging technogoy on the market to ensure a super fast chage in the most portable possible form factor. In just mintues you can charge your phone and be on your way.

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