11 Pound BlackBraid Bike by PG Bikes

11 Pound BlackBraid Bike by PG Bikes

by Yoav
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Champaign and caviar, vodka and Martini, style and sustainability – combinations make life more creative, more beautiful and richer. PG Bikes has found the perfect partner in Munich Composites to put a new and unique bicycle concept onto the market.

The Munich start-up developed a new procedure for the production of braided carbon frames. Its new and very special braiding technology renders the particularly high-performance material as stable as metal while weighing less than aluminium. A master piece for the road was created in cooperation with PG: The PG – BlackBraid built by Munich Composites. The bike is marketed in two different versions: as a Fixie, it is the perfect companion in town; in the Touring version, it is just perfect for long distances.

Slim, elegant, high-tech – the BlackBraid combines sensation and understatement, form and function.

● Frame: innovative full-carbon frame made of braided carbon fiber
● Front wheel fork: THM Scapula F
● Back wheel fork: integrated in fork, carbon brake hand gear
● Headset: Bubu from Tune
● Stem: Geiles Teil 4,0 from Tune
● Handlebars: Schmolke 50cm, 6°, MTB Flatbar
● Brooks: leather grip
● Saddle: SLR Tekno
● Seatpost: Schmolke seatpost SL
● Crank: THM Clavicula Road
● Bottom bracket cup: THM Press-Fit30 Road
● Chainwheel, sprocket & chain: Carbonbelt
● Back wheel: Lightweight Track
● Front wheel: Lightweight Standard
● Tires: Conti 4000s
● Pedales: Speedplay Nanogram Zero
● Saddle: tube bracket Würger Skyline from Tune
● Weight: 5kg

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