Nod Gesture Control Ring

Nod Gesture Control Ring

by Yoav
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Nod Labs has announces Nod, an advanced gesture control ring that allows you to engage objects from your movements as if by magic. Nod serves as a universal controller, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with all of the smart devices in your connected life, including phones, tablets, Google Glass, watches, home appliances, TVs, computers and more.

Stylish, light and versatile, Nod fits seamlessly into your everyday, always-on lifestyle. Nod is waterproof to 5 ATM or 165 feet and comes in over 12 different sizes. Wear Nod on your finger to revolutionize the way you control your devices and your environment, just point and gesture naturally. Nod supports intuitive micro-gestures including: swipe, rotate, multi finger and 3D gestures for natural interaction. For gamers, Nod is a 32K DPI high-precision controller, and multiple Nods could be used together.

“Nod’s magic lies at the nexus of gesture, design and technology,” said Dan Harden, CEO of Whipsaw, who leads Nod’s Industrial Design.

Nod is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled and features its own app discovery portal, which includes a gestural glide keyboard, a remote camera shutter trigger for selfies, along with a long list of supported apps and smart devices such as Nest, Hue, GoPro, WeMo, LG TVs (2012+), Roku and more. Nod Labs also announces collaborations with industry leaders Broadcom, Boxfish and Metaio, deepening the experience for Nod users.

“There has always been a computing revolution around new input methods – the keyboard, the mouse, the touchscreen,” said Anush Elangovan, Founder and CEO of Nod Labs. “Nod’s touchless interaction is the next such revolution, where the human body becomes the input device.”

Open API: Nod is a founding member of OpenSpatial (, an open source framework that enables users to spatially interact with their surroundings. OpenSpatial expresses directionality, distance, identity and gestures to a user’s environment. OpenSpatial allows developers to build Nod-enabled apps that could do anything from control your garage door to enter text into Google Glass.

Nod is available for limited pre-sale starting today by clicking the buy link below.

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