Feit Biotrainer Mid Running Shoe

Feit Biotrainer Mid Running Shoe

by Yoav
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FEIT’s Biotrainer Mid is the world’s first 100% biological handmade trainer. For the last 40 years, the manufacturing industry has adopted an aggressive commercial approach that has saturated the planet with low quality, synthetic goods and industrial waste. Over time the quality of the materials used in the sports / footwear industry has continually reduced. There has been a movement away from real materials such as leather to cheap synthetic versions that add to landfill and suffocate the planet.

The FEIT Biotrainer presents a new approach and is a first step in addressing this global issue. The Biotrainer Mid in all black leather and marine suede the mid cut fusion between a sneaker and a boot features a padded tongue and collar, 100% hand sewn from a single piece of leather. The sustainable, all-natural result is a luxury running inspired design.

The FEIT Biotrainer Mid is constructed from start to finish by one master craftsman. Hand sewn from a single piece of english suede or leather. This shoe is left on the last for ten days where light steam is used to tighten the leather ensuring superior shape and fit. The Biotrainer Mid features a heel counter that has been molded from high-grade leather typically reserved for english dress shoes. The buffalo leather footbed provides padding, absorbs moisture & breathes without retaining sweat or odor.

Sole Construction
The unique sole of the FEIT Biotrainer is made of natural latex rubber from the milk of the hevea brasiliensis (rubber tree) plant. The milk is harvested by hand and poured into steel molds immersed in warm water. After one hour the sole is transferred into a cold water immersion bath that lasts up to 24 and helps to keep the rubber pores open while the material cures. After 24 hours of drying, the soles are re-immersed into cold water for one week until they are trimmed and inspected for imperfections. This two week process results in a light and naturally flexible biodegradable sole that contains no plastic.

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