Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds with M-voiD Technology

Axum Gear Wireless Earbuds with M-voiD Technology

by Yoav
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Axum Gear has announced the release of the world’s first wireless Bluetooth earbuds to use M-voiD sound technology. Until now, M-voiD technology has been almost exclusively used by luxury automobile manufacturers to create top-notch, surround-sound audio experiences for drivers. Now, Axum is doing the same thing, but for a different group of music enthusiasts-fitness buffs and extreme athletes. Axum’s take on earbuds was designed for extreme athletes by extreme athletes.

M-voiD Technology restores a song’s original studio soundtrack quality by reducing audio coloration. Using Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, Axum ear buds allow for complete freedom of movement—no strings (or wires) attached. The ear buds are optimized for low-battery use and perform flawlessly within a 10-meter range.

In addition to using M-vo technology and a design structure that features an adjustable hook that promises a secure fit for the athlete using them, Axum Gear’s earbuds come fully equipped with a number of other appealing features:

● Waterproof nano-coating to guarantee product longevity
● The latest APTx Bluetooth functionality
● Adjustable hooks to ensure universal fit
● Magnetic charging capabilities
● Up to 10 meters range
● Built-In Mic
● Magnetic Hassle-Free charging
● Playtime 4 hours – Recharge fully in 60 min

Every order includes: Axum Gear True Wireless Earbuds; Silicone Jackets (S, M and L); Silicone Ear Tips (S, M and L); Foam Ear Tips (S, M and L); Mini USB Cable, and a compact OTG charging case. For more info please click on the buy link below.

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